Youth Programs

Did you know?

Bowling is America’s #1 participation activity with over 68 million American’s bowling each year. Bowling is a favorite with children/kids ages 5-18 with over 40% of that age group bowling at least once per year.

Our youth bowling coaches will teach your child the basics of bowling, a lifetime sport that provides over 3 million dollars per year in scholarship money to graduating seniors. BEST OF ALL—NO ONE RIDES THE BENCH IN BOWLING!

Plus…Bowling is now the fastest growing high school sport in America.

and did you know...

that during the 2018/2019 season, Community Bowling Centers awarded over 5,500 scholarship points to our Strike Force bowlers valued at over $27,000!
Participants in Skore's Strike Force programs earn scholarship points, and participants in Skore's Youth Scholarship Clubs and Tournaments can earn additional scholarship points.  Upon graduation from High School, these points can be turned in to provide scholarship dollars to the school the youth will be attending.  (Qualifications determined by the Michigan Bowling Scholarship Committee.)

So let Bowling help fund your child's education!

Current and upcoming clubs

STRIKE FORCE Youth Bowling Club

Openings available for all skill levels. Now accepting registrations for September start.

Program includes: Scholarship Points earned for participation in Strike Force! Coaching, Practice discounts, and an end of season pizza party! All leagues are U.S.B.C. Certified (except bumpers). All coaches are certified through the U.S.B.C. background screening program.  $15 Registration Fee  

3 game program $9.00 per week
Saturdays 10 am (starting 9/7)
Fridays 4:30 pm (starting 9/6)

2 game program $7.50 per week
Saturdays 10 am (starting 9/7)
Fridays 4:30 pm (starting 9/6)