Tournaments at Super Bowl

2019 USBC Junior Gold Championships

Super Bowl is one of the host centers for the 2019 USBC Junior Gold Championships being held here in the Detroit area from July 13th - 18th, and the host center for the Survivor Tournament on July 19th and 20th.

We need your help!  We are looking for volunteers to help us make this the best USBC Junior Gold Championship and Survivor Tournament ever!

Junior Gold Championships Youth Practice

Jr. Gold Practice
Monday, June 17 -- 6 pm to 8 pm -- Shots 1 & 3
Wednesday, July 19 -- 2 pm to 4 pm -- Shots 1 & 3
Monday, June 24 -- 6 pm to 8 pm -- Shots 2 & 4
Wednesday, June 26 -- 2 pm to 4 pm -- Shots 2 & 4
Get some extra practice on the 2018 National Junior Gold Tournament Shots before the competition begins.  Two different shots per practice block.  $10 per bowler per session. (Youth only!)
Different Junior Gold Practice Sessions available at our sister Centers.
Click name below to visit their web page.

Bowl One Lanes
Century Bowl
Skore Lanes
Sterling Lanes

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